The Pixie Cut: 5 Cute Pictures

For fashion forward ladies, there’s no hotter cut for 2013 than the pixie! You’re in stellar company with Jennifer Lawrence, BeyoncĂ©, Lena Dunham, Jennifer Hudson, and Charlize Theron, just to mention a few of the celebrities who’ve embraced this look.

These headstrong beauties are all know for being independent, outspoken, and bold. Those personality traits are the key requirement to getting the chop. There’s no hair to hide behind so if you love attention, here are 5 cute pictures of the pixie cut to inspire your next short cut!



There is not just one pixie hairstyle! Your stylist will analyze your face shape and hair type as well as take your styling routine into account before recommending a cut. Plus your personal style is so important! If you’re edgy like J.Law, a cut with layering and angles reflects your personality. Or if you’re more sweet and romantic like Anne Hathaway, there are softer cuts too.

If you’re concerned about wearing the same hairstyle everyday, don’t! There are plenty of ways to mix up short hair (plus it’s not that different from wearing a ponytail too many days in a row with longer hair too). A touch of hair product, some artfully placed spikes, or cute barrettes and headbands can transform your short haircut.